Tears for a Nation

I began this as a painting of a cantaloupe to show its beautiful light paired with a complimentary blue vase I purchased in France. The vase has an interesting wrapped metal around it like it an amour protecting its porcelain. My venture changed and it turned out to be a concept that was unexpected.

“TEARS FOR A NATION” is a symbolic tribute for Ukraine showing the fragile part of life which includes armor and resistance (in vase) with the beauty of hope in the “Forget-Me-Not” flowers which are fully open and yearning for light. Forget-Me-Nots symbolize remembrance – both during a parting or after a death and also used to symbolize a connection that endures all challenges and measure of time. The cantaloupe is a beacon of abundance and hope. The mirroring soft arches of the flowers and the cantaloupe are set against strong angles show resistance.
This painting received an Honorable mention in the “Slice of Life” Competition at the Island Art Association.
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“Garlic and Tonic”

Life is in the Light"Garlic and Tonic" 8" x 10" Oil on Linen

We’ve been talking about the idea of “Concepts” in painting in a Still Life Oil Group I host. Concepts are the idea behind a painting and that idea is very personal. It might be beauty or it might be dark, but it’s painted using the Language of Art, something that is conveyed using shadow and light. We’ve discussed finding a common thread of what excites us when we paint, and I find that my concept is usually centered around movement of light from a collection of objects. It’s feels like a dance and when I am done, it feels like magic.

I really concentrated on the low tonal concept in this painting allowing for the quiet movement of light throughout the painting. I used very little brushwork to communicate the form of the water glass in the background as it was a supporting and grounding character. I wanted the flow of light to move through the table top through each item, reflect off the glass and continue on ending in the garlic skin on the left. It was about flow and the dancing of light. Life is IN THE LIGHT.

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Hope you enjoy!