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My name is Suzanne Batchelor, an representational artist with a gallery in the Blue Door Artists’ studios in the historic district of Amelia Island, a barrier island in North Florida. I paint still life, people, wildlife and landscapes. I use classical art techniques to achieve representational work, but I also drawn to impressionistic work as well. If you have reached this page, it is because you have an interest in art. What I share here is for you. I’d love to hear from you, too!

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Prior to my with art, I loved to sketch as a child, and always dreamed I would live on a beautiful island and paint, a secret I shared with few because I never knew that wish would come true. It did come true and I moved to Amelia Island in 2000 and started painting after corporate work duties at night and on weekends until I became a full time artist in 2010.
I also lived in Holland as a teenager, and while there, I experienced the fantastic light that would filter into the cafes in the afternoon and evenings which is often seen in a Vermeer painting. Those memories have stayed with me and found a way into my art today.

2015 – Best Composition – Salmagundi Club – New York City – Leah Lopez Atelier Show

2011 – Third Place “Kerry’s Lemons” Island Art Association, Amelia Island – “Split Compliments”

2009 – Honorable Mention “Summer Bliss in Burgundy” Island Art Association, Amelia Island – “Summer Memories”