Painting Planning during COVID

In one of my recent posts, I mentioned that I am building an art studio in the new custom home we’ve designed from Buds of Camellia Japonicascratch.  The timing of COVID was kind of perfect because there have been so many decisions to make. Having to stay close to home made me focus on my ideas and choices and our builder has been fantastic. For landscaping, we’ve chosen several flowering shrubs and trees, including hydrangeas, hibiscus, begonias, geraniums, azaleas, and camellia japonicas for the garden so I will have many painting subjects to choose from.

One of the trees I really love are Camellia trees. I ordered and received this one shown here (to the right from with many emerging buds. It is called a “Buttermint” Camellia tree and it should top out at 6 feet tall and 5 feet wide. I fell in love with Camellias when we moved into our current house. My husband picked a bud off the tree one recent winter and I painted it for International Women’s Day, after discovering that the Camellia was the Australia flower symbol for women’s rights. Read more about that here.

With COVID in the air since March and the social distancing guidelines, I also wanted to announce that I made the incredibly difficult decision to give up my art gallery in the Blue Door Artists Art Gallery space in the historic district here on Amelia Island. After being there 12 years, it was a difficult decision but with threat of contracting the virus, it was the wisest thing to do, at least for now. Health is, after all the most important thing we have. The good news is that I will be actively seeking gallery representation and planning for online sales and auctions. There are many plans in the works and I’ll post them here as they evolve.

I hope you are all keeping safe during these challenging times and send blessings to you all.