Tears for a Nation

I began this as a painting of a cantaloupe to show its beautiful light paired with a complimentary blue vase I purchased in France. The vase has an interesting wrapped metal around it like it an amour protecting its porcelain. My venture changed and it turned out to be a concept that was unexpected. “TEARS […]

“Garlic and Tonic”

Life is in the Light We’ve been talking about the idea of “Concepts” in painting in a Still Life Oil Group I host. Concepts are the idea behind a painting and that idea is very personal. It might be beauty or it might be dark, but it’s painted using the Language of Art, something that […]

Tea Cubby and Grapes

A New Art Hashtag! I’ve been busy hosting an online still life networking group, and each month we paint a theme and have guest speakers to increase our skillsets. This month we painted Metals, meaning silver, brass or copper. This was my contribution. Ideas and concepts that fill my photography files or imaginary concepts and […]